BasinVis 2.0

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Version 2.0

BasinVis 2.0 is the upgraded version of BasinVis 1.0. Major updates include a new process stage (Compaction Trend) to estimate compaction trends, and a largely improved process stage (Stratigraphic Setting) to provide sedimentation profile plots and sedimentation rate mapping. The new and improved functions were evaluated using porosity and stratigraphic data from wells of the Perth Basin (Australia) and the Vienna Basin (Austria), which are discussed in Lee et al. (2020) and Lee & Wagreich (2018).

Lee E.Y., Novotny J., Wagreich M., 2020. Compaction trend estimation and applications to sedimentary basin reconstruction (BasinVis 2.0). Applied Computing and Geosciences 5, 100015.

Lee E.Y., Wagreich M., 2018. Basin modelling with a MATLAB-based program, BasinVis 2.0: A case study on the southern Vienna Basin, Austria. Journal of the Geological Society of Korea 54, 615-630.


BasinVis 2.0 is currently hosted on Github:
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Please contact the authors if you have further questions.
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